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I’m Victoria!!-- just a down to earth Florida girl who is currently stationed in Norman, Oklahoma. And let me tell ya' I am LOVING IT!


I'm a puppy obsessed, mom of 2, married to my childhood best friend of 15 years! 

I am mostly known for my awesome sense of humor, easy going personality, my love of food and yoga pants(truly they are LIFE)! 
Oh and let's not forget my huge passion for new beginnings! Engagements, Weddings, and of course the Babies!


People often refer to me as that sarcastic, extroverted, social butterfly, who loves to laugh until I'm crying my eyes out(often at my own jokes because.. well, I’m mildly hilarious).

I love serving the world by keeping things honest & real, speaking up for those who need help, and always being the color in an often black and white world.
I’m a huge, HUGE 'guy', 'girl', and 'they' coach. I am all about body positivity and helping people see their true beauty on the outside but also on the inside! I mean, because beauty isn't everything, right folks?


The things I am most passionate about in life are;
My kids, my dogs, my crazy handsome husband, and yoga pants(obvi)!
I am also passionate about
equalitysocial justice, mental health awareness, all the  journeys to self love, and doing my best to be a good person.

I work with so many amazing people and clients who always keep me loving what I do. I photograph a variety of sessions, although my absolute faves are ENGAGEMENTS, WEDDINGS, and BABIES!!
Something about that raw and beautiful moment from your big day, frozen in time, really speaks to my sappy little heart and I want to share all the emotions with you!
I am so thankful for the people who keep me doing what I love! 



If you'd like to know more, here are five facts about me:

1. I am adopted by probably the coolest family anyone has ever met.

2. I am neuro-divergent and a big Autism advocate.

3. I'm an LGBTQIA+ Ally! We don't tolerate intolerance over here. 

4. I am an adrenaline junkie! I LOVE rollercoasters, haunted houses, and pretty much all the things that are considered a thriller .

5. And finally, I am a 100% self made photographer and business woman!


You still there??

Let's chat some more!