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I’m Victoria(that blonde chick to the left)!!-- just a down to earth Florida girl who is currently stationed in Norman, Oklahoma. And let me tell ya' I am LOVING IT so far!!


I'm a restless mom of 2, married to my childhood best friend of 15 years, and I'm DIY-ing my way through life.

I am mostly known for my awesome sense of humor, my love of food, and my common urge to start new projects at 2am! 

My family would refer to me as that sarcastic, extroverted, social butterfly, who loves to laugh until I'm crying my eyes out(often at my own jokes because.. well, I’m honestly hilarious).

I love keeping things honest & real, speaking up for those who need help, and always being the color in an often black and white world.


If you'd like to know more, here are five facts about me:

1. I am adopted by probably the coolest family anyone has ever met.


2. I graduated top 5 in my class in high school but instead of going off to college, I took the huge leap into entrepreneur life.

3. Prior to my photography business I ran my own daycare and I have all my certifications for early childhood development.

4. I am a huge adrenaline junkie! I LOVE rollercoasters, haunted houses, and pretty much all the things that will scare the hell out of me

5. My favorite band is the Goo Goo Dolls because I'm convinced they write all their music for me.


You still there??

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