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Q: What is your photography style? A: I describe my photography style as Traditional Wedding Photography. What that means is I am mostly just there to capture your day as it plays out. I take a documentary approach 90% of your day, however I do offer guidance here and there if/when needed. For example: durning the couples portraits I will offer prompts to get you interacting with one another but ultimately my goal is to capture your authentic chemistry and love. Q: What is your editing style? A:I describe my editing style as "True-To-color". I do my best to enhance your wedding images by color correcting white balance and enhancing the highlights ,contrast, etc. However I do not change the over tone of your wedding day. I want your wedding photos to look exactly how you remember your day looking. An outdoor early afternoon spring wedding with light blues and dusty pink accent colors is not going to have the same over all tone of fall sunset wedding under orange string lights with rust and terracotta accent colors. One is going to photograph lighter in tone and the other is going to photograph much warmer. The consistency of my style will match in the sense of true whites, accurate skin tones, and just enough editing to bring out the natural beauty of your day.

Q: What is your experience with weddings?

A: My experience with weddings started in 2020. At this point I had already had a camera in my hand for a decade however I had ZERO experience in the wedding industry. I attended 6 different wedding workshops as well as shadowed several weddings to learn the flow of a typical wedding day. I learned how crucial it is to have the ability to create a flexible timeline, to always have a back up plan, and how to troubleshoot possible problems that may occur during a wedding day. I shot my first wedding as the lead photographer in July of 2020 and since then I have shot over 50 weddings.

Q: How do you handle different lighting conditions? A: The way I handle different lighting conditions varies considering the rules in place at both your venue and your ceremony location. Many churches do not allow any sort of flash what-so-ever. I always suggest to ask your ceremony venue their rules about photography when considering where you want to get married. When natural lighting is available- that is what I opt to use. I have an external flash that I will mount on top of my camera with a soft jelly diffuser, as well as 3 continuous GVM lights that are set up on light stands across the dance floor. I typically do not need external lighting until the reception. That is when I will use the mounted flash for the rest of the night due to the low lighting of most reception venues. The GVM lights are used as needed during speeches, first dances, and cake cutting but I turn them off during the party dancing as to not interfere with the DJ lights.

Q: What packages do you offer, and what is included?

A: I offer several different packages. Each package is an upgrade from the last meaning everything that is included in the previous package is also included in the next one as well, plus some extra perks. All of my packages include the following: -Day day coverage (max 10 hours) with a timeline tailored to your specific wedding needs -Complementary Second Photographer to offer more angles and to assist during portrait times -An online wedding gallery personally designed by me with all of your fully edited full resolution images -All rights to PRINT your images at any lab of your choosing(along with printing lab recommendations) and share them via personal social media account(tagging my business page is not necessary but always appreciated). To see the rest of my packages or current pricing please visit my pricing page.

Q: Can we customize our package?

A: Packages can not be customized however, I do find a way to make everything in your package work for you. Example: you don't need the engagement session offered in package 2 but you do want the 12X12 album offered in package 3. I would then offer you a newlywed session to be used within 1 year of your wedding day. These photos can be used for wall decor in your home or for holiday cards. Q: If we only need you for 6 hours and not for the full 10 hours offered do we get a discount? A: In short, the answer is no. Every wedding is different and so having a specific set time in my packages doesn't provide you the best experience that I can offer. All of my packages are designed so that you and I work together to build a customized timeline for your day. In this process I will make sure we not only utilize all of our time efficiently capture all of the photos and events that are most important to you, but we also schedule time to rest and breathe between transitions. This is not only beneficial to you but also my team as well. Time to recoup periodically will give me and my team the opportunity to provide you the best possible service on your wedding day. Q: Do you offer engagement sessions?

A: Yes!! I not only offer engagement sessions I HIGHLY suggest it to everyone who is getting married! Doing an engagement session helps you not only get to know your photographer and gives them an idea of what type of couple you are/the types of posing and prompts you like, but it also gets you and your spouse comfortable with being in front of the camera so by the time your wedding day comes around there are no more nerves (dues to the camera, at least) because you already know what to expect.

Q: How many photographers will be at our wedding?

A: All of my packages include a complementary second photographer who aides in covering alternative angles when needed as well as assisting during portrait times. I also offer wedding shadowing for other newer photographers. If I have a student wanting to shadow your wedding will always send you a courtesy email prior to your day. The only roll they play is to learn and observe and to capture photos for their practice. They do not direct to portraits unless we have time and they need the practice, nor do they deliver any of their photos to me or to you.

Q: How many hours of coverage do we need?

A: This will vary depending on several factors such as the moments you wish to be captured, time of ceremony, are you doing a first look or traditional look, etc. This is something we will discuss further during our consultation and will finalize during the planning process. For a typical wedding in which I start with the details and getting ready photos and photograph all the way to the send off and exit, is usually between 8-9 hours.

Q: Do you have backup equipment?

Yes!! I have 2 mirrorless Canon R6 camera bodies, and a DSLR Canon Mark 111 camera body. I have a Sigma 35mm 1.4 prime lens, Canon 85mm 1.2 prime lens, Canon 24-70mm 2.8 zoom lens, and my big girl- the Canon 70-200mm 1.2.8 zoom lens. I also have 2 lens adapters for my mirrorless bodies, 2 external flashes, 3 continuous GVM lights, as well as 12 128gb 190mb/s memory cards. My typical set up is 1 mirrorless Canon R6 with my 24-70mm 2.8 lens attached and 2 memory cards dual shooting so if 1 corrupts or malfunctions I have your images backed up. If anything were to happen to my camera, say I drop it or hit it on something, I have my back up gear as well as my second shooter and her gear to insure I can still capture your day.

Q: What is your turnaround time for delivering photos?

A: My turnaround averages about 5-7 weeks however contractually my turnaround time is 6-8 weeks for full wedding galleries and up to 10 weeks during busy seasons(varies year by year but typically mid spring and fall). I do my best to get you sneak peeks however that can disrupt the flow of editing and can actually result in it taking longer to edit. Q: Can we request a quicker turnaround time? A: Yes!! I do offer expedited editing for an additional fee. This will get your entire gallery back in 1-2 weeks.

Q: Can we request specific shots or poses?

A: ABSOLUTELY!! I love when you send me your vision boards that you have spent months building on Pintrest!! At the end of the day this is YOUR wedding. These are YOUR memories. If you have a specific vision you want to share with me, I will do everything I can within reason to bring that to life in your photos. With that said it is not all necessary for you to provide me with inspo photos. Half of my clients just show up and trust my artistic vision and I enjoy that just as much!

Q: How many photos will we receive?

A: Again, this answer depends on a lot of variables. How long was I at your wedding? How many moments did I capture? How interactive were you and your guests? These all play a big roll in how many images you get back. Gallery sizes range from 900-1500 images. My rule is I don't cap the amount of images you receive. If its a great image, it will be in your gallery! I don't deliver repeat photos however I will include similar photos especially from the couples portrait session because my favorite photo may not always align with yours and I want you to have all of your options to choose from when printing your images.

Q: Can we see a full wedding gallery you've shot?

A: Yess!! You can find 10-15 full wedding galleries on my website under the portfolio-weddings tab. You do have to enter a valid email address to view these galleries. This is just so I am able to see the traffic in the site. Remember these are other peoples' personal and intimate moments to are requesting to view so please do not share these images. If you love a shot and you want to add it to your inspo board for me- no worries! You can create a favorites list in that gallery using your email address and I will be able to add those you your file! Only I can see your favorites lists.

Q: How do you manage inclement weather on the wedding day? A: Honestly I just roll with it. I grew up in Florida where you would go from a complete down pour to super sunny and hot in the matter of minutes. I always keep an eye on the weather and if I know that you are a "we are getting married outside rain or shine" type of couple, well then I will bring my camera rain covers and a change of clothes and we will do the damn thing. Again this is YOUR day!

Q: What is your pricing structure and do you have an hidden fees? A: My pricing is based on my cost of doing business and what I need to charge to cover my business overhead and my own personal finances within my family. I do not have any "hidden fees". In our consultation I will go over my packages and your budget. As with most legal businesses ,Oklahoma sales taxes do apply. For weddings outside of the OKC metro radius I charge a travel fee of 50cents/mile to and from your wedding venue. Q: Do you have liability insurance?

A: Yes! I am fully insured through PPA or Professional Photographers of America. My aissitant is also covered under my insurance. My liability covers: -Bodily injury and property liability in studio or on location -Real or alleged faults that result in bodily injury or property damage -Liability for personal and advertising injury -Damaged equipment -Loss of data

Q: What is your payment schedule and method?

A: I accept payments through Honeybook. After our consultation I will send you an invoice with the details of your package and any additional fees such as taxes, milage, or expedited editing services. If you opt for the PAY IN FULL option the invoice is due within 1 week of the delivery of your invoice. If you are doing a payment plan the due dates for your payments will be outlined in your invoice.

Q: Do you have any vendor recommendations?

A: I do!! I have an ever-growing list of recommended vendors that I have personally worked with that go above and beyond to make sure you have a great wedding day!! I also have reviews of vendors that I caution you to steer clear of. I typically go over these vendors as needed in our consultation or in one of our phone calls however if you are requesting a list of these vendors and contact information, shoot me an email and I will get you the most updated list.

Have a question that you don't see answered? Contact me and I would love you answer it for you!



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