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  • Victoria Robinson

3 tips from your photographer for your Engagement session | Oklahoma Engagement Photography


You’re already dressed up for your engagement session, so might as well take advantage of it & make it a full date night! You can make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant or be daring & try out some place new! If movie dates are your thing, pick out a movie, buy tickets, & a large popcorn(with extra butter) & enjoy your evening! Beyond your engagement session, it gives you both something to look forward to once the session is finished! Successfully completing engagement photos is totally worth a date night out!


If you’re nervous about doing your own hair & makeup for your engagement session, or you just want some extra glam & pampering done that day, book an appointment to get it professionally done! Having a professional hair & makeup artist take care of your engagement session look can really take away the stress of doing it yourself! Plus we all love a little "us time". Bonus Tip: Schedule your Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial for the same day as your session!!

If you’re going for a similar look for your wedding day, then schedule your wedding trial for the day of your engagement session! If your wedding look is totally different than your engagement session look, you can still book an appointment with your hair & makeup artist! It’s a great opportunity to get to know your vendors before your wedding day & to be taken care of by a professional!


It’s always fun to include an activity you and your partner enjoy doing together in your engagement session. Do you have any hobbies or shared interests that are important to your relationship? Could we include those in your session? Engagement photos should be a reflection of your lives together. Including a favorite activity further tells the story of your relationship.

Here are a few examples:

-Visiting a music store & browsing through their records collection!

-Planning a picnic & enjoying a glass of champagne & a delicious charcuterie board & chocolates!

-Making a stop at your favorite diner or coffee shop & ordering a delicious treat to share! - Or if you're into some more adventurous activities, trying out some axe throwing or paint-balling! The possibilities are endless!

Bonus Tip: It’s always fun to include your pets in your engagement session!

If involving your dogs, cat, snakes, or bearded dragons is a priority, it’s very helpful if you have a friend or family member available to lend a hand. They can hold/walk the pets for non-pet photos or to take them home after their part in the photos is done.


I’m an Oklahoma Wedding Elopement & Engagement Photographer and would love to chat with you about an engagement session! Get in touch about planning an engagement session today!


victoria robinson

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